Why Is It Important to Have Clean Air Conditioner Coils?

With 2020 soon drawing to a close, is your air conditioner unit still performing at its best? Is it able to effectively cool down your homes or buildings? If not, it might be time to clean your air conditioner coils.


What are Air Conditioner Coils?

Air conditioner coils play an integral role in the cooling process. They transfer heat energy into and out of a room or building. There are two types of coils. First, there is the evaporator coil, which is found in the indoor unit. It absorbs heat and humidity from indoor air and with the help of the blower fan, sends back cool air. Then, there is the condenser coil, which is positioned in the outdoor part of your A/C unit. Its main job is to release the collected heat from the indoors to the outside.

Given their key role in the cooling process, maintaining your air conditioner coils is of utmost importance. Having clean coils guarantees the health and longevity of your air conditioner. It also helps you save money and energy in the long run.

Why Is It Important to Have Clean Air Conditioner Coils?

Constant airflow often includes dirt, dust, pet dander, and other debris that can easily accumulate on your coil surfaces. Dirty coils can negatively affect your air conditioner’s health and the user’s comfort. Here are several reasons why it’s important to have clean A/C coils:


Better Heat Absorption and Cooling Efficiency

The buildup of dirt and other pollutants forces coils to work harder in absorbing and releasing heat. If heat energy isn’t properly transferred into and out of a building, the cooling capacity of your air conditioner is significantly lessened. If the coils are kept clean, however, they would be able to absorb heat better and provide improved cooling efficiency.

Normal Operating Temperatures

Aside from overworked evaporator and condenser coils, fans and compressors would also be put in a significant amount of strain when there is a buildup of dirt. This strain requires a rise in operating temperatures in order to continue producing the desired cooling effect indoors. With clean coils, you would be able to maintain normal operating temperatures and save your air conditioner unit from undue stress.

Sustainable and Cost-Effective Energy Consumption

If your coils are dirty and aren’t at peak performance, your air conditioner unit is compelled to work harder to compensate. This means that more energy is being used, increasing your operating costs and pushing you to spend more money in order to keep your house or building cool. Cleaning your coils can cut down on personal expenses and help save the environment.

Prevention of Rust Formation and Corrosion

As most coils are made of copper and attached to thin “fins” made of aluminum or steel material, they are thus very delicate and susceptible to rust. If not properly maintained, the mixture of air pollutants and moisture from the cooling process can cause corrosion and the buildup of rust. This is why it is very important to take good care of your A/C coils and their fins.

Prevention of Frost Buildup

When your evaporator coil is filled with dirt and dust, the absorbed water vapor from your indoor air might freeze instead of condensing into liquid form. Over time, your evaporator coil might completely frost over, raising your operating temperatures and eventually resulting in system failure. If you keep your A/C coils clean, frost buildup and other damages can be averted.

Optimum Comfort

As dirty coils ultimately reduce cooling efficiency, your air conditioner would not be able to cool down your space like it’s supposed to. Your indoor air would remain humid and stuffy. To guarantee optimum comfort, keep your coils clean. This way, heat from the inside would be properly absorbed and cool refreshing air would be returned inside your home.

Lower Potential for System Failure, Major Repairs, and Replacement

Dirt buildup and the blockage of airflow in your evaporator coil can cause your compressor to increase its operating temperatures. This may ultimately lead to the breakdown of the component. The compressor is one of the most costly A/C components to replace. System failure, major repairs, and the replacement of an entire air conditioner unit can be avoided if you keep your coils clean.


How to Clean Your Air Conditioner Coils

If you’re already considering cleaning your air conditioner coils, Magic Aire has some top-notch coil cleaners that you can use. These coil cleaners are formulated to clean and sanitize both your outdoor condenser coil and your indoor evaporator coil.

For the Condenser Coil

K.O. Dirt Blaster

PHP 1680


K.O. Dirt Blaster is a high pressure cleaner and degreaser for small condenser coils typically found in air conditioners, restaurant and food service refrigeration, and electrical and mechanical equipment. It effectively strips off dirt and cooking grease without a water rinse. It is easy and safe to use, quick-drying, and has a pleasant scent.

For the Evaporator Coil



PHP 650/can

PHP 600 for bulk orders (MOQ of 12 cans)


Coil-Cure is a mild-strength, alkaline foaming formula designed to clean and deodorize your evaporator coil. It controls mold and mildew, cuts grease and grime without scrubbing, and does not require water rinsing after use. In line with COVID-19 safety measures, Coil-Cure is also EPA registered, proven effective in disinfecting A/C evaporator coils, HVAC catchpans, floors, walls, and other surfaces against emerging viral pathogens like SARS-CoV-2 and the Canine Parvovirus.