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The Benefits of Building Cold Storage Facilities in the Philippines

A cold storage facility or cold room is a storage space where low temperature is maintained. It’s an ideal place to store meat, fruits, vegetables, and other perishable items, as the low temperature helps in prolonging their shelf life. A cold room plays a vital role in the supply and demand of goods, as it withstands seasons, helping distribute fresh produce all year round.


Why Build a Cold Room in the Philippines?

Lowers the Rate of Food Spoilage

The food industry is the number one sector in need of cold storage facilities. Storing food in low temperatures slows down the rate of chemical change and reduces the growth of microorganism enzymes in food. By keeping them in a cold room, the amount of food spoilage is reduced to a minimum. The Philippines, being an agricultural country, would significantly benefit from having cold rooms. According to Agriculture Secretary William Dar, “With more cold storage facilities located near major farm production areas, trading centers, livestock slaughterhouses and poultry dressing facilities, fishing grounds and municipal fish ports, we will be able to reduce post-harvest losses by at most 35 percent that could be added up to the national food supply, thus bringing down prices for the benefit of millions of Filipinos” (2020). Cold rooms would allow farmers both in the land and aqua farming sectors to store their produce and keep them fresh for longer periods of time. Not only would this make food distribution much more efficient, it would also significantly lessen the amount of food waste in the country.


Provides Fruit Ripening Solutions

Aside from prolonging shelf life, some cold storage units can also speed up the ripening process of fruits using a specially designed ripening chamber. This ripening chamber is “made from a structure of insulated sandwiched panels and is equipped with an airtight door to control the temperature” (Nilkamal Pvt Ltd., 2018). This cold room feature would significantly help markets and restaurants in controlling fruit ripening levels, enabling them to adjust according to the level of ripeness they need for their business.


Maintains the Potency of Vaccines and Other Temperature-Sensitive Drugs

The medical industry is another sector requiring the use of cold storage units. With COVID-19 vaccines slowly being rolled out, a cold room is vital in ensuring proper distribution and maintaining vaccine potency. The World Health Organization (WHO) cites the cold room as “a system of storing and transporting vaccines at recommended temperatures from the point of manufacture to the point of use” (2020). Having cold room facilities across the many municipalities in the Philippines would help maintain the potency of vaccines for the use of all Filipinos.


Energy- and Cost-Efficient

A well-maintained cold storage facility guarantees lower energy bills compared to when using multiple traditional refrigerators and freezers. Its airtight construction enables it to retain its low indoor temperature for longer periods of time—even in cases of power outages. Holistically, the cold room’s ability to prolong shelf life by controlling moisture levels will keep spoilage to a minimum, thus saving you money in the long run.


Notable Features of a Cold Room

Temperature-Adjustable Control

One of the main features that makes a cold room very handy is its temperature-adjustable control. Your typical cold storage unit can have temperatures varying from negative thirty degrees Celsius to positive thirty degrees Celsius. It can go from being a drying room maintaining low moisture content to being a blast freezer. You can adjust the temperature level according to your needs.


A cold room also has an airtight construction which helps in maintaining the temperature inside. This protects items from being affected by extreme weather conditions and temperature changes occurring outside the unit.



A cold storage facility can be tailor-made with the right size, shape, type, and refrigerant system to meet your particular needs. You can customize it according to the allotted space you have at home or your establishment, to fit all your perishable items, or even to cater to each vaccine brand’s unique needs. Its customizability increases efficiency and ensures maximum optimization of the cold storage unit for each distinctive user.



Some cold storage units are designed to be portable. This enables the safe and efficient transport of perishable goods from the manufacturer to the end user. Despite the drastic temperature changes that occur during transport, a cold room can successfully maintain the required temperature level for each unique product, thus preserving its quality and potency when it reaches its destination.




A cold storage unit can truly be a profitable investment, beneficial for both personal and/or business use. It preserves the shelf life of all your perishable items in the most cost-effective way possible. You can customize your cold room according to the size, shape, and type you require. Here at Magic Aire, we have all the equipment you need to customize your cold room—from refrigerants and condensing units to insulation material and other cold room accessories. Check out our website for more details on these products.



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