How to Spot a Counterfeit Copeland Compressor

Copeland Compressors

The compressor is an essential component of your HVAC/R system. It moves the refrigerant to and fro the evaporator and condenser coils, converting the refrigerant to gas or liquid form as needed. You can think of the compressor as the heart of your cooling system and the refrigerant as the blood that it pumps in and out.

Copeland has long been at the forefront of compression technology. Since its establishment in 1927, the brand has been producing efficient, reliable and regulation-ready compressors. With more than 170 million installations all over the globe, you will likely find a Copeland compressor in the HVAC/R systems that many homeowners and businesses rely upon.

Copeland Scroll Compressor – ZR125KC-TF5-522, available at Magic-Aire. The Copeland Scroll commercial ZR compressor is known for its superior efficiency and performance. It has an ASTP (Advanced Scroll Temperature Protection) feature which protects the compressor from high discharge temperatures. It also has a light, compact design that allows for easy installation and maintenance.

Copeland is particularly known for its vast line of scroll compressors that range from 1-60HP. When installing a Copeland scroll compressor, you are guaranteed to benefit from years of scroll compressor innovation and expertise. You are sure that you are getting the highest quality–a compressor with superior efficiency and reliability, easy installation, and wide horsepower capacity range in low-, medium- and extended-medium temperature equipment. If you’re on a tighter budget, it may be tempting to purchase a counterfeit compressor that promises the same performance quality as Copeland. However, you must remember that there are dangers to buying the cheap, fake version.

How to Spot a Counterfeit

To make it easier for you to spot a counterfeit, Copeland has put certain authentication mechanisms in place, one of which includes serialization. You may look for a unique serial code on the compressor body and crosscheck it with the one provided in the official Copeland™ Mobile Application. This app has a Serial Number Search/Scan/Authentication feature which provides authentication of product model number. If they do not match, you most likely have a fake unit. You could also look for authentication stickers showing a holographic Copeland logo stamped on your compressor.

Aside from these mechanisms, there is also a less complex way to help you determine if you have an original or a fake compressor. One main thing to look out for is the color. Copeland compressors are all black. If you are being offered a “Copeland” compressor in another shade, you might need to do a double take.

When shopping for compressors, you must also be aware that there are resellers who refurbish old Copeland compressors, replacing original parts with off-brand components, and selling them off as brand new. Refurbishing makes it harder for you to spot a counterfeit–as you’re dealing with a compressor with a legitimate outer shell. The best way to prevent yourself from buying a fake is purchasing only from a reputable HVAC/R dealer like Magic-Aire.

Dangers of Buying a Counterfeit

While a counterfeit does offer you a lower cost, the performance quality is incomparable to the Copeland original. It does not provide you with the exact same quality, efficiency, and performance. To keep the purchasing cost low, a counterfeit is most likely made from cheaper materials, which increases the risk of your compressor breaking down. When this happens, shopping for replacement parts is a lot more challenging. There is always the possibility that these replacement parts will not work nor properly fit your unit, which ultimately prompts you to replace the entire thing.

A counterfeit compressor has a significantly lower life span than the original. It is not as durable. It will likely run into performance problems which leads you to buy a replacement counterfeit one after another. This only increases the total amount you spend in the long run.

To avoid these dangers, be careful when shopping for your compressor. Follow the aforementioned authentication steps and steer clear of unknown resellers online and offline. It is always best to purchase from an official distributor like Magic-Aire, who can easily help you verify the authenticity of all HVAC/R products you buy.


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