Brand Feature: REFCO

Our goal at Magic-Aire is to become your one-stop-shop for all air conditioning and refrigeration needs. To expand our product line, we are partnering with top global brands in the market. Currently, we are the official Philippine distributor of REFCO, a leading company in the HVAC-R industry.

Since its founding in 1972, REFCO has been developing and manufacturing the highest quality tools and accessories for the professional refrigeration and air conditioning industry. They began by producing analogue manifolds and later expanded their product line to include pressure gauges, hoses, vacuum pumps, suction devices, condensate pumps and various installation tools. As a traditional Swiss company with production facilities in Switzerland, REFCO has always taken pride in prioritizing the needs of customers, producing innovative technologies in ways they best see fit, and enabling fast and efficient delivery of products to worldwide distribution partners including Magic-Aire in the Philippines.


What REFCO products can you shop for at Magic-Aire?

BM2-6DS R 290 2 way Manifold

This 2-way manifold includes 3 charging hoses ¼” in width and 90cm (36”) in length, color-coded blue, red, and yellow. It features a robust aluminum block, high-quality Bourdon tube pressure gauges, and a sight glass. It is zero point adjustable. Plus, all mechanical parts are available as spare parts.

Refmate 2 CA WTC Digital 2 way Manifold 

REFMATE is the digital manifold for the professional refrigeration engineer. It includes temperature clamps, pressure gauges, and the scale–all of which communicate wirelessly. Data is instantly recorded in the device and can be reviewed and interpreted using the REFMESH app, making it an extremely handy device for long-term measurements.

Ref Vac Digital Vacuum Gauge 

REFVAC-RC is the ideal tool for monitoring the evacuation process on the construction site and the laboratory. It is known for its high accuracy and wireless connectivity with the REFMATE device for long-term measurements and the REFMESH app, which provides a compilation of detailed reports.

Octa Wireless Electronic Charging Scale 110Kg

The OCTA-WIRELESS scale includes two solid aluminum octagonal-shaped plates on which large refrigerant bottles can be safely placed. It is highly sensitive, meaning it reflects the exact weight even when bottles are asymmetrically positioned. The wireless control box features a range of helpful functions, including those that can prevent overfilling of the refrigerant system or the refrigerant bottle.

CO2 Locator Leak Detector for CO2

This CO2 leak detector features a newly developed sensor which easily detects the R744 refrigerant. Known for its responsiveness, high reliability, and durability, it proves to be the optimal device for the monitoring and maintenance of industrial and commercial refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, as well as heat pumps and automotive air conditioning systems.

Tritector RCT 3 in 1 Leak Detector

All common refrigerants, combustible gases and tracer gases can easily be detected by this single device–the TRITECTOR. Its adjustable sensitivity levels can spot even the smallest leaks, while the ambient concentration is continuously compensated both automatically and manually. Once a leak is detected, the color LCD display shows a visual signal and an optional sound is emitted to alert you.

10964 PM2 R134A/ R600 Charging Station 

This charging station is ideal for small quantities of flammable gases from refrigerant cans. It features the RL-2, a high performance vacuum pump; the 10500-5, a highly sensitive balance; and the 19800-SV, an 80-mm vacuum meter. It also includes a 4-way manifold and a holder for refrigerant cans, both of which are mounted on a solid and sturdy frame.

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