Pressure Sensor – AKS 32R Danfoss Pressure Transmitter




Model NameAKS 32R Danfoss Pressure Transmitter
DescriptionAKS 32 R is a ratiometric pressure transmitter that converts the measured pressure to a linear output signal. The min. value of the output signal is 10% of the actual supply voltage. The max. value is 90% of the actual supply voltage. At a supply voltage of 5 V, a linear output signal is thus obtained, i.e. 0.5 V at min. pressure of the pressure transmitter,  4.5 V at max. pressure of the pressure transmitter.  The output signal is adapted to most controls in the ADAP-KOOL® Refrigeration control system. · Highly developed sensor technology means great regulation accuracy. Selective temperature compensation for LP and HP pressure transmitters, optimally adjusted to refrigeration plants.  LP: -30 – +40°C (max. 16 bar).  HP: 0 – +80°C (>16 bar). Compatible with all refrigerants incl. ammonia.  Built-in voltage stabilizer.  Effective protection against moisture makes it possible to mount AKS 32 under the most rough operating conditions.  Robust construction gives protection against mechanical influences such as shock, vibration,and pressure surge. Therefore, AKS 32 R can be mounted direct on to the plant.  EMC protected in accordance with the EU EMC-directive (CE-marked).  Polarity protected inlets.  Output signal specially adjusted to ratiometric A/D-converters.  Sealed gauge measuring principle (pressure reference = 1013 mbar). UL approved. 

AKS-32R Danfoss Pressure Transmitter


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