Oil Level Control – OMB-JB1 ASC2




Max working pressure 870psi
Solenoid MOPD 350psi
Supply Voltage 24 V AC 50/60Hz
Solenoid coil ASC 2L 24 V AC
Current consumption .6A
Time Delay for low level signalling 5-10 sec
Time Delay for after setpoint recovery 5-10 sec
Alarm delay time 120 sec
Alarm Switch SPDT
Alarm contact rating 10A @125
5A @220VAC
50/60 Hz
Refrigerant Compatibility HFC HCFC CFC
Oil temperature 180 deg F
Storage and transport temperature 140 Deg F
Operating ambient temperature 120 deg F
Oil supply fitting 1/4 male SAE
UL/CUL file number SA8547
Transformer VA requirements 25”

OMB-JB1 ASC2 Emerson Oil Level Control


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