6.0 HP Daikin Ceiling Cassette Inverter


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Power Supply;;; ;;; ;;;220/1/60;nn;
Cooling Capacity Rated;;;KW;;; ;;;14;nn;
;;;Btu/h;;; ;;;47800;nn;
Power consumption;;;kW;;; ;;;5.47;nn;
COP;;;W/W;;; ;;;2.56;nn;
CSPF;;;Wh/Wh;;; ;;;5.00;nn;
Indoor Unit;;;Airflow rate (H/HM/M/ML/L);;;m3/min;;;36.5/33/29/25/21;nn;
;;; ;;;cfm;;;1288/1165/1024/883/741;nn;
;;;Sound Pressure Level (H/HM/M/ML/L);;;dB (A);;;46/43/40/36/32.5;nn;
;;;Dimension ( H x W x D);;;mm;;;298 x 840 x 840;nn;
;;;Machine Weight;;;kg;;;24;nn;
;;;Certified Operation Range;;;CWB;;;5.5;nn;
Outdoor Unit;;;Coil;;; ;;;14 to 25;nn;
;;;Compressor;;;Type;;;Hermetically sealed swing type;nn;
;;; ;;;Motor Output;;;2.4;nn;
;;;Refrigerant Charge (R32);;; ;;;1.9 (charged for 30m);nn;
;;;Sound Pressure Level;;;Cooling dB;;;54;nn;
;;; ;;;Night quiet mode dB;;;45;nn;
;;;Dimensions ( H X W X D) (mm);;; ;;;990 x 940 x 320;nn;
;;;Machine weight (kg);;; ;;;64;nn;
;;;Certified Operation Range;;;CWB;;;21 to 46;nn;
Piping Connections;;;Liquid (Flare);;;mm;;;9.5;nn;
;;;Gas (Flare);;;mm;;;15.9;nn;
;;;Drain;;;Indoor Unit;;;VP25 (I.D. 25 x O.D. 32);nn;
;;; ;;;Outdoor Unit;;;26 (hole);nn;
Max Interunit Piping Length;;; ;;; ;;;50 (equivalent length 70);nn;
Max Installation level difference;;; ;;; ;;;30;nn;
Heat Insulation;;; ;;; ;;;Both liquid and gas pipping;nn;




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