3HP Daikin Floor Mounted Inverter




Model NameIndoor Unit FVA71AMVM
Outdoor Unit RZFM71CVM
Power supplyOutdoor Unit 1Ph/220V/60Hz
Cooling Capacity Rated kW 7.1
Btu/h 24200
Power consumptionCoolingkW 2.51
COP W/W 2.83
CSPF Wh/Wh 4.46
Indoor UnitAirflow Rate (H/M/L) 18/16/14
Sound pressure level (H/M/L) 43/41/38
Dimensions (HxWxD) 1850x600x270
Machine weight 42
Certified Operation Range 14 to 25
Outdoor UnitCoilType Micro Channel
CompressorType Hermetically sealed swing type
Motor OutputKW1.3
Refrigerant charge (R32) kg1.2
Sound Pressure LevelCoolingdB(A)48
Night quiet modedB(A)44
Dimensions (HxWxD) mm595x845x300
Machine Weight kg41
Certified Operation Range CDB21 to 46
Piping ConnectionsLiquid (Flare) mm9.5
Gas (Flare) mm15.9
DrainIndoor unitmmVP20 (ID 20 x OD 26
Outdoor unitmm26
Max interunit piping length m50 (Equivalent length 70)
Max installation level difference m30
Heat Insulation Both liquid and gas piping





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