Brand Feature: VALUE

Brand Feature: VALUE

Magic-Aire aims to be your one-stop-shop for all air conditioning and refrigeration needs. With this goal in mind, we are continuously expanding our product line by partnering with top global brands. We are currently the official Philippine distributor of prominent HVAC-R companies like VALUE.

VALUE is a leading global manufacturer of service tools for the HVAC-R industry. Since its establishment in 1996, it has grown into a company with more than 670 employees, ranging from mechanical engineers to specialists in the fields of manufacturing, electric motors, and quality control. VALUE produces high-quality vacuum pumps, electronic scales, manifold gauges, and an extensive range of tools for copper pipe processing.


Why Choose VALUE?


  • Production process based on formidable Japanese machine, OKUMA-BYJC and German WENZEL
  • Precise workmanship
  • Products are tested and refined, constantly being adapted to the needs of the market
  • International certificate of quality management ISO 9001: 2008
  • Products bear the CE marking



  • Extensive distribution network, spanning 90 countries around the world



  • 111 patented technologies
  • Continued investment in research and development, putting the customers needs as a starting point


What VALUE tools can you shop for at Magic-Aire?

Electronic Scale

VALUE offers efficient and easy-to-use electronic scales that can be used in servicing refrigeration and air conditioning units. They feature an anti-slip mat and a panel for easy refill or recovery of specified value of refrigerant.


Available models: VES-100A and VES-100B

Pressure Gauge

VALUE has several varieties of their single high-pressure gauges and manifold gauges designed for refrigeration and air conditioning systems. These pressure gauges have a precision grade of 1.6, sturdy casing to protect against damage, a reliable sight glass–complete with metal construction for increased strength and durability.


Available models: Single Gauges (VMG-1-S-H-R32 and VMG-1-S-L-R32); Manifold Gauges (VMG-2-R32, VMG-2-1234yf, VMG-2-R134a, and VMG-2-R449A)

Tube Cutter

VALUE offers durable tube cutters perfect for cutting copper pipe. Some of their main features include a blade made of alloy tool steel, an easy-to-use control knob, and a sturdy ball bearing.


Available models: VTC-19, VTC-32, VTC-42, and VTC-70

Flaring Tools

VALUE offers both manual and electrical flaring tools that allow you to create accurate and durable connection flares in a short amount of time. They boast a durable, hardened design; a wide range of applications; and easy-to-use features.

Available models: Manual (VFT-808-MI); Electrical (VET-19-S)

Vacuum Pump

VALUE has both single-stage and dual-stage vacuum pumps designed to work with refrigerants like HFC, HCFC (e.g. R410A, R407C), and HCFO (e.g. R32, R1234yf) in refrigeration and air conditioning systems. They feature a compact design, a sight glass to easily control the oil level, a precision vacuum gauge, and a vacuum solenoid valve which prevents the back flow of oil into the system.


Available models: Single-stage (V-i120SV and V-i125-R32); Dual-stage (V-i220SV, V-i240SV, V-i260SV, V-i280SV, V-i220-R32, V-i240-R32, VE2100N, and V-i215S-M)

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