Brand Feature: Uniweld

Brand Feature: Uniweld

Magic-Aire aims to be your one-stop-shop for all air conditioning and refrigeration needs. With this goal in mind, we are continuously expanding our product line by partnering with top brands in the market. We are currently the official Philippine distributor of leading HVAC-R company, Uniweld.

Uniweld is an American manufacturing company headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Since its establishment in 1949, it has grown into becoming one of the major manufacturers in the global HVAC-R, welding, plumbing, and alloys industries. Uniweld’s product line ranges from welding, cutting, brazing and heating outfits to refrigeration tools, vacuum and charging hoses, welding, brazing and cutting tips, accessories, pressure gauges, and alloys. 

What Uniweld products can you shop for at Magic Aire? Here are some of our bestsellers:

Manifold Gauge with Hose

This manifold gauge is made of sturdy brass material and Teflon® valve stem packing for durability and leakproof reliability. It features easy-to-read gauges marked with color-coded refrigerant scales and color-coded gauge boots for accurate R410a pressure reading. It also comes with a metal hook and three color-coded hoses for convenience.

Cool Blue Heat Sink Paste

Protect the rubber and plastic seals of your ball valves, solenoid valves, reversing valves, and other heat-sensitive materials with the Cool Blue Heat Sink Paste. It has a heat transfer cool indicator, in which the paste turns dark blue when it absorbs heat. It is also odorless, non-toxic, and easy-to-clean!

RP3T5 Torch

The RP3T5 hand torch is the ideal tool for jobs in tight areas. It has a UT5 LP Twister Tip that utilizes swirl combustion technology to produce a high energy flame. It also has an RP3E Unitorch Regulator that boasts an internal piston design and swivel elbow to prevent leakage. When used with Propane, its tubing capacity can reach up to 3″ for soft solder, and 1″ for silver braze. When used with MAP//Pro (Propylene), its tubing capacity can reach up to 3 1/2″ for soft solder and 1 3/4″ for silver braze.

KL250 Gas Cutting and Welding Outfit

The KL250 Tote is a portable, medium-duty, Oxyacetylene outfit for cutting, welding, and brazing. It features a CA250 Cutting Attachment that can cut up to 1/2″ with supplied tip; RS Series Regulators with easy-to-read single scale 1-1/2″ gauges; and a sturdy WH250 Welding Handle. It has a cutting capacity of 3/4″ with supplied tip (up to 8″ with optional tips) and a welding capacity of 3/32″ with supplied tip (up to 3″ with optional tips).

NitroVue Flow Indicator

Simplify the purging of nitrogen during the brazing of copper tubing in air conditioning  and refrigeration systems with the NitroVue Flow Indicator. It features an easy-to-read flow indicator label and a precision-adjustable valve that efficiently controls the low flow of nitrogen gas.

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