Brand Feature: Tecumseh

Following our aim to become your one-stop-shop for all air conditioning and
refrigeration needs, Magic Aire has been continuously partnering with top brands in
the HVAC-R market. Currently, we are the official Philippine distributor of
Tecumseh, a leading global manufacturer of high-quality compressors, condensing
units, and replacement parts.

Since its establishment in 1934, Tecumseh Products Company has been
manufacturing hermetically sealed compressors for commercial and residential
refrigeration, as well as air conditioning and mobile cooling applications. They also
produce condensing units and replacement parts that have long been trusted by
customers worldwide for their excellent performance and reliability. Tecumseh’s
compressor offerings range in capacity from 1/5th to 35 HP, while their condensing
units range from 1/5th to 12 HP.

What Tecumseh parts and components can you get at Magic-Aire? Listed below are
some of our bestsellers:

Condensing Unit w/ Compressor – TAG2522Z-APA2522Z
This model is part of Tecumseh’s line of water cooled condensing units. It is the
perfect alternative for air cooled units with excessively high ambient temperatures
and excessive fan noise. It includes a performance-proven reciprocating compressor,
as well as high-quality brazed plate condensers. This condensing unit is known for its
high efficiency and low operating pressures.

Fractional Compressor – TA1360Y-GSIA
This fractional compressor is a hermetically sealed reciprocating compressor best
used for low back pressure (LBP) application. It is compatible with the R-134a
refrigerant and has a voltage frequency of 220V ~ 60Hz / 220V ~ 50Hz. This
compressor model is highly efficient—being able to compress the same amount of gas
as a rotary compressor but with significantly less energy input.

Piston Type – AEZ4430E
The AEZ4430E model is a hermetic piston compressor that is best used for
commercial and industrial application (HBP). It has a voltage frequency of 100-115V
/ 50-60Hz. This piston type compressor guarantees stable operating conditions, low
energy consumption, and minimal noise levels.
For more Tecumseh parts and components, check out the catalogue on our website:

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