Benefits of Buying an Original vs a Counterfeit Compressor

What Does the Compressor Do?

The compressor is an essential component of your HVAC/R system. It is responsible for moving the refrigerant to and fro the evaporator and condenser coils, converting the refrigerant to gas or liquid form as needed. The compressor acts as the heart of your cooling system, with the refrigerant as the blood that it pumps in and out.

Whether your system requires a scroll or a reciprocating type, investing in an efficient, high-quality compressor is very important. If you’re on a tighter budget, it may be tempting to buy a counterfeit compressor that promises the same performance quality as those by top brands. But do not be fooled! There are setbacks to buying the cheaper version. Here are some of the top reasons why you should always purchase an ORIGINAL compressor for your HVAC/R system:

Benefits of Buying the Original

  • Guaranteed performance: When purchasing from a reputable manufacturer, the customer is sure to receive the high-quality product that they require. It guarantees that the compressor is made only from the best materials available and engineered by the most skillful manufacturers. An original compressor is less likely to malfunction. You also wouldn’t have to worry about your purchase suddenly failing to fit the size of your HVAC/R system.
  • Higher efficiency: Clogged air filters, incorrect pressure readings, and leaks all affect your system’s efficiency. With an original compressor, you most likely won’t encounters such problems. An original compressor also uses power more efficiently, allowing you to save on energy costs.
  • Access to latest technology: When buying the newest iteration of the original, you automatically have access to the latest technology available in the market. Rest assured that the original compressor you have has undergone a thorough process of research and development conducted by only the top researchers and engineers in the industry. Having the latest technology also promises to significantly cut down on lead times and energy use.
  • Longer life span: Designed and engineered with only the best materials and by the top experts in the field, an original compressor promises a longer life span. Buying from a legitimate manufacturer also guarantees easier access to proper maintenance of your compressor, which keeps it up and running through the years.
  • Higher return on investment: You will get the most value from an original unit because of its high-quality components and longer life span. It also proves to be more cost-effective, as it delivers better energy efficiency and is less likely to require the immediate replacement or repair of components.


Disadvantages of Buying Fake/Counterfeit

  • Incomparable performance to the original: While a counterfeit compressor does offer you a lower cost, the performance quality is incomparable to the original. Since it is merely an imitation of those offered by legitimate manufacturers, it does not provide you with the exact same quality, technology, and design. To keep the purchasing cost low, a counterfeit is most likely made from cheaper materials, which increases the risk of your compressor breaking down.
  • Parts/components are harder to replace: When your compressor does break down, shopping for replacement parts is a lot more challenging. Since what you have is not original, if you do purchase replacement components from the legitimate manufacturer, there is the possibility that they will not work nor properly fit your unit.
  • Shorter life span: A counterfeit compressor has a significantly lower life span than the original. Because it is made with cheaper materials, it is not as durable. You are more likely to run into performance problems which will then lead you to buy a replacement counterfeit every time, thus increasing the total amount you spend in the long run.


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